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How do I use this finder?

You can search faculty research profiles by using research interest or expertise keywords (e.g. genomics, cognitive development or toxicology). Alternatively, you can search for a particular faculty member's research profile by entering his or her name.

  1. Search will look for partial words or names. For example:
    • Entering nano in the expertise box will return entries that match Nanocrystals, Nanoscience, etc.
    • Entering Koe in the name box will return entries that match Koehl, Koenig, and Koenigsberg.
  2. Searches are not case sensitive; entering Robert or RObeRT or rOBERT or robert will yield identical results.
  3. For name searches, we recommend that you search by last name.

Please note that only UC Berkeley faculty members with permanent academic appointments are listed in this database. Please contact with any questions you may have.

For U.C. Berkeley Faculty

  • Add a new entry to the UC Berkeley Faculty Research Interests & Expertise database.
  • To modify an existing entry, please find your existing page and click the "Update your profile" link.