Energy, Climate & Environment

2 people collecting samples at a shoreline
Prominent UC Berkeley geobiologist Jillian Banfield explores field site to study climate change

Energy is the defining challenge of the 21st century. Leading the way on finding solutions to some of the most important global challenges, UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab are pooling their vast expertise to help achieve an affordable, sustainable and clean supply of global energy.

Faculty and researchers at UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Lab are developing renewable and sustainable energy sources, advancing new technologies to help curb energy demand, understanding the implications for climate change and the environment, and formulating appropriate and timely policy responses.

Many research centers and institutes around the campus focus on specific challenges, such as biofuels research at the Energy Biosciences Institute in a unique public-private partnership; sustainable infrastructures programs at CITRIS, energy efficiency and electric grid programs at CIEE; ecosystem analysis based on vast plant, animal and fossil records at the Berkeley Natural History Museums; or policy-oriented research at the Energy Institute in the Haas School of Business. See below for more information on selected research institutes, centers, and programs. A comprehensive directory is available here.

Selected Programs

Energy Biosciences Institute
The Energy Biosciences Institute, a unique public-private partnership, develops options for the energy and chemical needs of future generations.
California Institute for Energy and Environment
Lecture Hall Elena Zhukova
The California Institute for Energy and Environment leverages innovation & unique collaborative research and engages with influential stakeholders while offering hands-on experience for the next generation.
Berkeley Natural History Museums
Millions of specimens in six campus museums provide a wealth of data allowing researchers to discover how organisms evolve and adapt to their environments.
Environmental Change Research Network @ Berkeley
Sutardja Dai Hall
ECRN is UC Berkeley's hub for interdisciplinary research to address our changing climate.
Energy Institute
The Energy Institute at Haas brings together research and curricular programs on energy business, policy, and technology commercialization.
Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory
solar panels on top of car park
The Renewable Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory focuses on research, development, project implementation, and community out­reach.