Research Advisory Groups and Initiatives

Active Advisory Groups

Social Justice Research Task Force (SJRTF)

Task Force Charge
Report from the Social Justice Research Task Force, August 2022


  • Leo Arriola, Associate Dean, Social Sciences; Associate Professor, Political Science; Director, Center for African Studies, Co-Chair, Faculty Representative
  • Margaret Hunter, Senior Director, Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement, Co-Chair, Staff Representative
  • Charisma Acey, Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning, College of Environmental Design, Faculty Representative
  • Stephen Small, Professor, African-American Studies, Director, ISSI, Faculty Representative
  • Joan Walker, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering & Global Metropolitan Studies, Social Science Matrix, Faculty Representative
  • Michael Mascarenhas, Professor & Chair, Society & Environment Division, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, Rausser College of Natural Resources, Faculty Representative
  • Hilary Hoynes, Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy and Economics, Faculty Representative
  • Alberto Ledesma, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Division of Arts & Humanities, Staff Representative
  • Rena Dorph, Director, Lawrence Hall of Science, Staff Representative
  • Isabel Huerta, Communications Executive for the Office of the President, ASUC, Undergraduate Representative
  • Florentine Novotny Rutaganira, Molecular & Cell Biology & Member Berkeley Postdoctoral Association Board, Postdoctoral Representative
  • Maria Pettis, Ph.D. Student, Geography & President, Graduate Assembly, Grad Assembly Representative
  • Carla Dartis, Executive Director, Movement Strategy, Community Representative

Oversight/Planning Committee - Office of Research

  • Elizabeth Brashers, Chief of Staff
  • Tiff Dressen, Project Policy Analyst
  • Jordan Jacobs, Policy & Strategy Advisor
  • Syreeta Shepherd, Executive Assistant to AVCR
  • Linda Rugg, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research (former member)
Chancellor's Advisory Committee for Life Sciences (CACLS)

CACLS Vision for Hubs of Cluster Hires Across Biology: 2019-2020
CACLS Spring 2021 Report 
CACLS Spring 2022 Report
Letter from CACLS to Campus Leadership on Impact of UAW contract on Life Sciences faculty--December 2023


  • Eva Harris, Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, School of Public Health, Co-Chair
  • Rasmus Nielsen, Integrative Biology, Co-Chair
  • Whendee Silver, ESPM/ES Ecosystem Ecology, Co-Chair
  • Ben Blackman, Plant & Microbial Biology
  • Stephanie Carlson, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
  • Chris Chang, Chemistry
  • Steve Connoly, BioEngineering & EECS
  • Marla Feller, Molecular & Cell Biology & Neurobiology
  • Seth Finnegan, Integrative Biology
  • Karsten Gronert, Vision Science, School of Optometry
  • Susan Marqusee, Molecular & Cell Biology and QB3
  • Anders Naar, Nutritional Science & Toxicology
  • Michi Taga, Plan & Microbial Biology
  • Russell Vance, MCB/Immunology and Pathogenesis

Staff - Office of Research

  • Tiff Dressen, VCRO
Chancellor's Advisory Committee for Math & Physical Sciences (CACMPS)

CACMPS - A Collective Vision for Physical Sciences at Berkeley


  • Sunčica Čanić, Mathematics, Chair
  • Mina Aganagić, Mathematics
  • Nitash Balsara, Chemistry
  • Kristie Boering, Chemistry & EPS
  • Naomi Ginsberg, Chemistry & Physics
  • Dan Kasen, Physics & Astronomy
  • Alessandra Lanzara, Physics
  • Aaron Parsons, Astronomy
  • Colette Patt, Assistant Dean, Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences 
  • Fernando Perez, Statistics
  • David Romps, EPS
  • Ting Xu, Chemistry & Materials Science & Engineering
  • Norman Yao, Physics

Staff - Office of Research

  • Tiff Dressen, VCR


Archive of Past Initiatives

Signature Initiatives (2018 - 2019)

Signature InitiativesAfter significant campus engagement and consensus building in spring 2018, six topics were identified as part of the campus’ Strategic Plan. These six topics called 'Signature Initiatives' represented key, interdisciplinary themes that tackle societal grand challenges UC Berkeley is well-positioned to address through its research, teaching, and outreach.  See the Signature Initiatives pages.