Data Science

data science students
UC Berkeley has a rich data science ecosystem that brings together strong teams of faculty, researchers, students and alumni

As the world becomes increasingly digital, new approaches to aggregating and analyzing data are bringing huge benefits to fields as diverse as health care, astrophysics, genetics, business and public policy. Berkeley researchers lead the way in the data science that is accelerating scientific discovery across many areas.

The rapidly increasing importance of data-intensive and data-driven approaches at Berkeley has led to the establishment of a number of new programs. The most recent additions include the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), RISE Lab, the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab as well as a new Division of Data Sciences. These programs build on many existing campus strengths, including those of the centers, institutes and programs highlighted below. 

Selected Programs

Berkeley Institute for Data Science
The Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) promotes scientific breakthroughs by advancing interdisciplinary, data-driven discovery.
Simons Institute
Simons Institute
The Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing brings together the world's leading researchers to explore the nature and limits of computation.
RISELab Ion Stoica
The RISE Lab develops technologies that enable applications to make low-latency decisions on live data with strong security, i.e. Real-time Intelligent Secure Execution.
D-Lab helps Berkeley faculty, staff, and graduate students move forward with world-class research in data intensive social science.
SDAV Institute
SDAV Institute
The Scalable Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization (SDAV) effort supports breakthrough science by providing advanced technical solutions.
EECS Ben Recht
EECS, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, is a top-ranked department with stellar researchers at the frontiers of information science and technology.
In addition to developing fundamental theory and methodology, many faculty in the Department of Statistics have strong interdisciplinary links.
Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity
Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity
The Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity supports research, curriculum development, seminars, conferences, and outreach on the future of cybersecurity.
School of Information
I School UC Berkeley
The School of Information is a research and education community offering graduate degrees in Information and Data Science and Information Management and Systems.
Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab (BAIR)
BAIR robot
The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab brings together UC Berkeley researchers across the areas of computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, planning, and robotics.