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Research fund chart 2021: $605.M - Federal; $63M - Industry; $118M - State & Other gov't; $229M - Non-profit; $39M - UC


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In 2020-2021, UC Berkeley campus received over $1 billion in research funding from external sources.


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May 10, 2022

Effects of January’s Tonga eruption felt at the edge of space

An underwater volcano that erupted in the South Pacific in January sent a 300-mile-wide plume of ash some 25 miles above the surface, generated a tsunami that injured and killed people thousands of miles away along the coasts of North and South America, produced a sonic boom that was heard 6,000 miles away in Alaska, and created atmospheric shock waves that circled Earth several times.

In the Media

April 28, 2022
Given Mars' history of global dust storms, who would have thought that solar power would ever be competitive with nuclear in providing surface energy for future human settlements on the red planet? But that's what a new paper authored by researchers…
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April 18, 2022
Majority Black and Latino communities that received the worst grades under a racially discriminatory federal housing program known as redlining have nearly twice as many oil drilling wells as mostly White communities, a new study says. The study by…
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April 5, 2022
On Sunday, David E. Broockman of the University of California at Berkeley and Joshua L. Kalla of Yale University published a paper documenting a years-long experiment focused on measuring the effects of cable-news coverage and Fox News in…
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