headshot of Van P. Carey

Research Expertise and Interest

mechanical engineering, use of machine learning to develop high performance energy conversion and thermal management technologies, micro-to-nanoscale modeling of the thermophysics of multiphase systems, waste plastic transport in environmental watersheds, waste plastic recycling.

Research Description

Professor Carey’s current research interests include:

  • Use of machine learning to develop more efficient and sustainable energy conversion and thermal management technologies 
  • Macro-to-nanoscale modeling of the thermophysics and transport in multiphase systems
  • Waste plastic transport in environmental watersheds
  • Development of hybrid thermionic/thermoelectric energy conversion technologies

His current research projects are:

  • Defining Optimized Nanostructured Surface Morphologies for Enhanced Boiling Surfaces
  • Optimal Strategies for Using Convolution Neural Network Model Analysis for Combined Image and Digital Data Analysis of Vaporization Processes
  • Use of Machine Learning to Enhance Snow Survey Assessment of Sierra Water Resources
  • Experimental and Machine Learning Characterization of Carbon Dioxide Deposition and Blockage in Relief Headers
  • Flame Spread Along Insulated Electrical Wires for Terrestrial and Space Applications
  • Computational Modeling of Thermionic Energy Conversion for Nuclear Electric Propulsion
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