Research Expertise and Interest

mechanical engineering, non-equilibirum thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics, microscale thermophysics, biothermodynamics, computer aided thermal design, thermodynamic analysis of green manufacturing

Research Description

Van Carey's research interests include energy conversion and transport; heat and mass transfer; non-equilibrium phase change phenomena; microscale thermophysics and transport in multiphase systems; boiling phenomena in binary mixtures; molecular dynamics simulation of interfacial region thermophysics; statistical thermodynamics; computational modeling and simulation of energy conversion and transport processes; thermal management, energy efficiency, and sustainability of information processing systems; use of waste heat to improve sustainability of manufacturing processes; boiling and condensation on nanostructured surfaces; water droplet vaporization on nanostructured superhydrophilic surfaces to enhance performance of air-cooled power plant condensers; and phase-change thermal energy storage to enhance the sustainability of power plants and building energy systems.

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