Equality, Equity, and Opportunity

Final Report October 2019

Focus Areas Proposed by Working Group:

A: Designing Society for Inclusive Growth

B: Race, Opportunity, and Transformative Justice

Working Group:

Co-Chair: Hilary Hoynes, Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy
Co-Chair: Janelle Scott, Professor, Graduate School of Education, African American Studies, Goldman School of Public Policy
Anne Bloom, Executive Director, Civil Justice Research Initiative, Berkeley Law
Brandi Catanese, Associate Professor, Theater, Dance and Performance Studies
Karen Chapple, Professor, City and Regional Planning
Rena Dorph, Director, Lawrence Hall of Science
Jill Duerr Berrick, Professor, School of Social Welfare
Rucker Johnson, Associate Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy
Nikki Jones, Associate Professor, African American Studies
Laura Kray, Professor, Haas School of Business
Jeremy Magruder, Associate Professor, Agriculture and Resource Economics
Emily Ozer, Professor, School of Public Health
Robert Reich, Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy
Steven Vogel, Professor, Political Science

Development Professional: Annette Doornbos, Goldman School of Public Policy
Staff Lead: Verna Bowie, Vice Chancellor for Research Office

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