Environmental Change, Sustainability, and Justice

Final Report October 2019

Focus Areas Proposed by Working Group:

1. Earth’s Future:  Advancing Climate Science for Action

2. Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition

3. Answers for Adaptation: Sustainable and Just Solutions for the New Normal

Working Group:

Co-Chair: Meredith Fowlie, Associate Professor, Agricultural & Resource Economics
Co-Chair: Mark Stacey, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Eoin Brodie, Adjunct Professor, Environmental Science, Policy & Management; LBNL
Alex Bell, Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Ronald Cohen, Professor, Chemistry, and Earth and Planetary Sciences
Bill Collins, Professor in Residence, Earth and Planetary Sciences; LBNL
Rosemary Gillespie, Professor, Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Kristina Hill, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
Shannon Jackson, Professor, Theater, Dance and Performance Studies, and Rhetoric
Alessandra Lanzara, Professor, Physics
Laurel Larsen, Associate Professor, Geography
Roger Lin, Clinical Supervising Attorney, Haas School of Business, and Environmental Law Clinic
Rachel Morello-Frosch, Professor, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, and School of Public Health
Kara Nelson, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kate O’Neill, Associate Professor, Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Sugata Ray, Associate Professor, History of Art
David Romps, Professor, Earth and Planetary Science

Recently added members:

Dan Farber, Professor, Berkeley Law School and Faculty Director, Center for Law, Energy and the Environment (CLEE)
Jordan Diamond, Staff, Executive Director, (CLEE)

Development Professionals:

Melissa Nidever, College of Engineering
Chris Glick, College of Environmental Design
Kathryn Baldwin, College of Natural Resources
Staff Lead: Tiff Dressen, Vice Chancellor for Research Office

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