U.S.-China Workshop on Carbon Capture & Storage

November 11-12, 2009

Peking University


Goal of Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to promote bi-directional transfer of knowledge and information on CCS to promote the development of collaborative projects between U.S. and Chinese researchers that will accelerate development and deployment of safe and effective CCS in China and the U.S.



The BSB-U.S-China Workshop on CCS is sponsored by a grant from the Philomathia Foundation to U C Berkeley.  The Philomathia Foundation is a philanthropic organization created by the Chung family to support scholarly work that addresses some of the most pressing issues facing humanity.  A generous donation by the foundation to UC Berkeley currently supports a wide range of programs in the area of alternative energy.  Read more about the Philomathia Foundation »

Additional sponsorship for the workshop is provided through a grant from Stanford’s Global Climate and Energy Program (GCEP) to Peking University in Beijing (PKU), and by PKU’s College of Engineering and Institute of Clean Energy.



Nieves Kooyman, Administrator, ntkooyman@lbl.gov, 510.486.4539