2019 Philomathia Forum on Energy and the Environment

Port and Freight Decarbonization

Dates: October 28-29, 2019
Location: UC Berkeley, Clark Kerr Campus. UC Berkeley Campus

Changes in transport technology, evolving regional and international shipping practices, and policy developments on climate and environmental justice create an urgent need for market-relevant research to accelerate goods-movement and maritime port decarbonization.  This conference will forge new collaboration among freight industries, equipment manufacturers government, university centers and community leaders on efforts to achieve zero emission port and freight operations. The conference will identify a research agenda on freight decarbonization for University of California policy and transportation research centers.  

This two-part conference will start with public panels to identify research needs from the perspectives of equipment manufacturers, freight operators renewable fuel producers, policy makers and university researchers.  Afternoon panels will focus on research needs associated with electric supply/charging and hydrogen fuel infrastructure at maritime ports.  

A second, invitation-only day will consist of work group meetings on:

  1. electric supply and charging infrastructure needed for electrification of port operations;
  2. hydrogen fuel cycles for freight and shipping; and,
  3. finance and permitting challenges for climate friendly infrastructure in port and freight systems.