Philomathia Center Berkeley

The Philomathia Center plays a key role in advancing UC Berkeley's innovative research programs in energy and climate research. Established in 2012, the Philomathia Center represents the enduring partnership between UC Berkeley and the Philomathia Foundation in support of a common vision of improving humankind through the creative application of technology, independent thinking, and a commitment to education. Philomathia Center programs include a fellows program that brings leading post-doctoral researchers to UC Berkeley, an innovation seed fund that gives UC Berkeley researchers the opportunity to pursue cutting-edge, exploratory work, as well as the Philomathia Forum, an annual event that highlights key issues related to energy and the environment.

The Philomathia Foundation’s support of innovative research and education is bringing some of our best minds together, transcending the confines of disciplines and departments to work on the world’s most urgent scientific challenges and endeavors.