Jason Corburn

Jason Corburn

School of Public Health
Research Expertise and Interest
urban health, informal settlements, global public health, urban climate change, environmental impact assessment, mediation, environmental justice
Research Description

My research focuses on urban health both in the US and globally. I study why one's neighborhood or postal code can be a greater predictor of health and life expectancy than one's genetic code.  My research includes investigating how urban parks, housing and public space improvements can reduce health inequities and address racial/ethnic disparities in well-being.  I also work on urban gun violence reduction strategies, evaluating comprehensive municipal urban health strategies, community-based participatory action research and the links between climate change and and social justice in cities. I have worked in over 30 different countries and have active projects in the US, France, Colombia, and Kenya.

In the News

November 18, 2013

Students tackle climate change in neighboring Richmond

Residents of Richmond, Calif., on the northeastern edge of San Francisco Bay, expect climate change to present their city with major challenges –- from rising sea levels to higher temperatures, flood risks and increased energy and water consumption –- in coming years. For help meeting these challenges, the city is turning to planning students at UC Berkeley.