G. Cristina Mora

Research Expertise and Interest

classification, organizations, race and ethnicity, Latino Migration

Research Description

G. Cristina Mora is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology.  Her research focuses mainly on questions of racial and ethnic categorization, organizations, and culture. Her dissertation, De Muchos, Uno: the Institutionalization of Latino Panethnicity, won the 2010 ASA Distinguished Dissertation Award, and provides a socio-historical account of the emergence and diffusion of a “Hispanic/Latino” panethnic category in the United States. She is currently developing this project into a book manuscript, and plans to use some of the insight gleaned on racial/ethnic classification to shed new light on the production of medical and scientific knowledge. In addition, Professor Mora’s research on culture focuses on immigrant religion, as well as on the diffusion of Pentecostalism in Latin America.

In the News

Researchers unveil new initiative on human migration

UC Berkeley researchers today announced the launch of the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative, a joint project of faculty, researchers and students that will explore such timely issues as refugee crises, human rights, mmigration, nativism and border control concerns.
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