COVID-19: California poll findings and what they mean for our future

May 27, 2020
By: Public Affairs, UC Berkeley
This event will be broadcast live on this page. You can also watch this event live on the UC Berkeley Facebook page.

UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies and the California Initiative for Health Equity & Action (Cal-IHEA) recently completed the largest survey of Californians to date regarding opinions and attitudes related to COVID-19. The results are fascinating and point to a wide range of potential political and societal impacts arising from our still-unfolding responses to the pandemic.

This discussion with IGS Co-Directors Cristina Mora and Eric Schickler and and Cal-IHEA Director Hector Rodriguez, who together devised and ran the poll, will delve into the significance and meaning of the data, and what it all might portend for California and the nation in the current context of political polarization and racial inequality.

This event is sponsored by Institute of Governmental Studies.

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