QB3 Biomolecular Nanotechnology Center (BNC)

The BNC is a fabrication and experimentation facility specializing in BioMEMS, microfluidic devices, electron/ion beam microscopy and nanofabrication. We are a core facility of the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences and are open to university, national lab and industry users. Equipment and instrumentation encompasses photolithography, soft lithography, deposition, etching, metrology (including Keyence 3D laser scanning microscope), biological experimentation, an FEI Quanta dual-beam gallium FIB/SEM (EDX, EBSD, STEM detector, OmniProbe, gas injector system, pico-indenter, environmental mode), and a Zeiss ORION NanoFab Helium Ion Microscope (gas injector system for insulator/metal deposition and gas-assisted etching, charge-neutralization system, gallium FIB, NPVE pattern generator). The BNC also houses instructional labs and is adjacent to QB3 incubator space.


BioMEMS, microfluidic devices, lithography, metrology, SEM, FIB, microfabrication, nanofabrication, electron microscopy, helium ion microscopy

Paul Lum