QB3 Genomics

QB3 Genomics is a partnership between the Vincent J. Coates Genomics Sequencing Lab ( GSL – B206 Stanley Hall), the Functional Genomics Laboratory (FGL – 255 Weill Hall, formerly LSA), and the Computational Genomics Resources Facility (CGRL – 238 Koshland Hall). QB3 Genomics’ mission is to make genomics research tractable and affordable to UC Berkeley and the greater genomics community.

QB3 High Throughput Screening Facility

The High-Throughput Screening Facility (HTSF), located in the Li Ka Shing Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences, provides access to cell culturing space, automated liquid handling, automated plate reader and high-throughput, high-content microscopy instrumentation for screening experiments, along with tools for analysis and data visualization. Emphasis is on whole genome and sub-library siRNA screening from various sources but other high-throughput fluidics projects are welcome.

Instruments include:

DNA Sequencing - Sanger Sequencing of DNA Samples

Serves all UC affiliated laboratories, government agencies and businesses providing Sanger sequencing, genotyping, high-throughput nucleic acid purification/quantification, PCR reaction cleanup, PCR products size selection, human cell line authentication, and free consultation services. Open access instruments include: BioRad CFX96 Touch Real Time PCR system, BioRad QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System, and 150L New Brunswick BioFlo Fermentor.