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UC Berkeley School of Public Health Alum works to improve the lives of individuals and families through culturally appropriate health, affordable housing, and community development services.
Berkeley scientists have introduced a fabrication technique for arranging quantum sensing particles into intricate 3D formations, enabling precise detection of temperature and magnetic field fluctuations within microscale surroundings.
UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Assistant Professor Christian Paiz delves into the experiences of lesser-known members of the 1960s UFW movement.
UC Berkeley distinguished professor awarded the nation's highest honor for technological achievement for his work in safe drinking water technologies.
New book by UC Berkeley evolutionary biologist Noah Whiteman explores the delicious toxins all around us.
Russian social science professors Ilya Matveev and Ilya Budraitskis, renowned for their expertise on authoritarianism, fled their country after Russia invaded Ukraine, seeking safe harbor at UC Berkeley.
The recent hire of 10 faculty members in UC Berkeley's Division of Arts and Humanities represents impressive scholars at the forefronts of their respective fields.
UC Berkeley professor peers into the black box of airline pricing strategies and methods.
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope detected a high-speed Jupiter jet stream, outpacing the visible cloud layers below, resulting in unprecedented wind shears compared to Earth.
Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at the University of California, Berkeley, receives a $25 million matching pledge to help build an ongoing stream of philanthropic revenue that will support the mission and research of the institute.
UC Berkeley School of Public Health and Kaiser Permanente Southern California are launching a new center to develop advanced modeling methods to address disease outbreaks and prepare the nation for future pandemics.
New study analyzes the coexistence of humans and coyotes in San Francisco.
UC Berkeley professor considers how different people’s values intersect in AI development and usage and assess the impact these systems will have on those values.
UC Berkeley will develop a 36-acre site to house companies, labs and students in heart of Silicon Valley.
UC Berkeley to co-lead Microelectronics Commons regional innovation hub funded by the Department of Defense.
UC Berkeley professor investigates the properties and applications of novel metamaterials.