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Researchers have uncovered a remarkable metal alloy that won’t crack at extreme temperatures due to kinking, or bending, of crystals in the alloy at the atomic level
Berkeley professor uses statistical analysis of the interaction between El Niño and rising global temperatures to help regions prepare for extreme heat events and protect humans, livestock and crops.

Berkeley scholars say that by attacking the prosecutors and judges in his cases, the former president is trying to discredit the charges, rall

Six UC Berkeley researchers have been elected 2023 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest general scientific society and publisher of the Science family of journals.
Professors Jennifer Redfearn and John Connelly are two new recipients of Guggenheim Fellowships, which are given annually to “culture-creators” from dozens of scholarly disciplines, artistic fields, academic institutions and areas of the U.S. and Canada.
On the March 27th episode of PBS’s documentary series Nova titled “A.I. Revolution,” correspondent Miles O’Brien visited South Hall to discuss the dangers of deep fakes with Berkeley Professor Hany Farid.
Berkeley professor works to identify potential solutions that can eventually mitigate the effects of cumulative exposure to chemicals and psycho-social stressors.
Daniel Stolper, a 2023 Heising-Simons Faculty Fellow, is analyzing the chemical composition of ancient wood to learn about Earth’s climatic past.
In a new paper, UC Berkeley researchers argue that companies should not be allowed to create advanced AI systems until they can prove they are safe.
An extensive CO2 monitoring network set up around the San Francisco Bay Area by a Berkeley professor has recorded the first evidence that the adoption of electric vehicles is measurably lowering the area's carbon emissions.
Kwabena Bediako, a 2023 Heising-Simons Faculty Fellow, is using his expertise in chemistry and physics to design new magnetic and electronic crystals and new ways of storing energy from renewable sources.
Researchers employing textured surfaces to mimic shark skin to make underwater instruments more effective and environmentally friendly.
Berkeley researchers and scholars aim to teach a new generation of students about individuals and groups left out of history books or misunderstood.
Berkeley Professor sheds light on the historic red market trade of human skeletons from India and the ethics of using them for educational purposes.
New book argues that scientific reasoning is a necessity for living in a world shaped by science and tech
UltraViolet EXplorer (UVEX), led by Caltech and managed by UC Berkeley, aims to map the entire sky with ultraviolet and is expected to launch in 2030.