Research Expertise and Interest

computational biology, machine learning, applied probability and statistics

Research Description

Yun Song is a professor of computer science and statistics.  His research group primarily consists of computer scientists, statisticians, and mathematicians who are fully committed to advancing biology.  They develop efficient computational tools and robust statistical methods to facilitate the research of the broad biomedical community, while also getting deeply involved in data analysis to help make new biological discoveries.  His current research interests include language models of biological sequences, variant effect prediction, single-cell genomics,metagenomics, structural biology, and immunology.


In the News

Genome Analysis Pinpoints Arrival and Spread of First Americans

The original Americans came from Siberia in a single wave no more than 23,000 years ago, at the height of the last Ice Age, and apparently hung out in the north – perhaps for thousands of years – before spreading in two distinct populations throughout North and South America, according to a new genomic analysis.

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