Research Expertise and Interest

computational biology, population genomics, applied probability and statistics

Research Description

Yun Song is a professor of computer science and statistics.  His research lab consists of computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians who focus on tackling theoretical and computational challenges in analyzing and interpreting various biological data, which are often noisy, high-dimensional, and multimodal.  In particular, he has extensive research experience in population genomics, where his students and he have obtained novel theoretical results and developed useful inference methods that are generalizable to complex models and scalable to big data.  Over the past several years, he has extended his research to other areas of computational biology.  His current research interests include analyzing mathematical models and developing statistical inference tools to probe the mechanistic details of gene expression dynamics at both transcription and translation levels.  

In the News

Genome Analysis Pinpoints Arrival and Spread of First Americans

The original Americans came from Siberia in a single wave no more than 23,000 years ago, at the height of the last Ice Age, and apparently hung out in the north – perhaps for thousands of years – before spreading in two distinct populations throughout North and South America, according to a new genomic analysis.

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