Wayne Getz

Wayne M. Getz

Professor of the Graduate School
Dept of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
(510) 642-8745
(510) 643-1227
Research Expertise and Interest
Africa, disease ecology, wildlife conservation, resource management
Research Description

Students and postdoctoral students in my laboratory work on a broad range of theoretical and applied questions in population and biology with application to epidemiology and conservation biology.

Current Projects

At this time projects in my laboratory include:

(i) Appropriate Complexity Modeling of Biological Systems, computational population biology and development of the Nova modeling building platform.

(ii) Disease Ecology with a focus on zoonotic diseases.

(iii) Movement Ecology: exploring the causes, patterns, mechanisms and consequences of organism movements.

In the News

January 12, 2017

Climate change could kill off parasites, destabilizing ecosystems

Photogenic animals, from polar bears to people, aren’t the only creatures under threat from global climate change. A new review led by UC Berkeley suggests the phenomenon threatens parasites with extinction, which could have big consequences for ecosystems.
January 11, 2011

Wildlife biologists put dogs' scat-sniffing talents to good use

UC Berkeley biologists have harnessed dogs' natural talent for sniffing out the scat of other animals for a good cause. With the help of Working Dogs for Conservation, a Montana-based nonprofit organization, researchers are fine-tuning the use of dogs as a non-invasive tool for wildlife studies and management.

September 1, 2010

Ecology and epidemiology in the age of GPS

Berkeley professor Wayne Getz uses global positioning technology, along with his background in mathematics, to help conserve zebra, buffalo and other animals in his native South Africa. In the process, he is helping to train the next generation of African-born ecologists.