Ke Xu in lab with instrumentation in foreground.

Research Expertise and Interest

biophysical chemistry, cell biology at the nanoscale, super-resolution microscopy, single-molecule spectroscopy

Research Description

Professor Xu and his research group develop new experimental tools to interrogate biological, chemical, and materials systems at the nanoscale with extraordinary resolution, sensitivity, and functionality. To achieve this, the group takes an interdisciplinary, multidimensional approach that integrates advanced microscopy, spectroscopy, cell biology, and nanotechnology. Recent developments include spectrally resolved and functional super-resolution microscopy, ultrahigh-throughput single-molecule spectroscopy, interference-based microscopy for 2D materials, and uncovering the nanoscale ultrastructure of the membrane cytoskeleton and intracellular vesicles.

In the News

Seeing in Super-Resolution

Ke Xu, a 2021 Heising-Simons Faculty Fellow, develops new ways to see the tiniest and fastest processes inside living cells. 

Xu, Titov receive million-dollar New Innovator awards

Two young faculty members — assistant professors Ke Xu of chemistry and Denis Titov of molecular and cell biology — were among 89 recipients of “high-risk, high-reward” grants announced last week by the National Institutes of Health.

Super-resolution microscopy reveals fine detail of cellular mesh

One of today’s sharpest imaging tools, super-resolution microscopy, produces sparkling images of what until now has been the blurry interior of cells, detailing not only the cell’s internal organs and skeleton, but also providing insights into cells’ amazing flexibility.

Sloan Foundation honors eight young faculty members

Eight UC Berkeley assistant professors are among 126 new fellows announced today by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The Sloan Research Fellowships, awarded annually since 1955, honor early-career scientists and scholars.

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