Kathleen Collins posing in a laboratory.
Photo credit: Brittany Hosea-Small

Research Expertise and Interest

biology, biochemistry, biotechnology of retroelements, retroelement reverse transcriptases, function RNAs

Research Description

Kathleen Collins is a professor in the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology.  The Collins Lab is applying their insights from decades of studying telomerase and telomere maintenance to investigate eukaryotic retroelements, their reverse transcriptases, and the biogenesis and RNP assembly of processed RNA used as template for nick-primed cDNA synthesis. Site-specific targeting of transgene cDNA insertion has promise as a genome engineering method complementary to CRISPR/Cas. Also, retroelement reverse transcriptases have fascinating biochemical properties that they are discovering and exploiting for RNA-seq. Their new approaches for cDNA library production capture comprehensive, end-to-end RNA sequence inventory of even fragmented or damaged RNAs.


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