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social cognition, judgment and decision making, interpersonal and intergroup processes, social psychology, organizational performance, negotiations, morality, decision-making

Research Description

Juliana Schroeder is the Harold Furst Chair in Management Philosophy and Values and an associate professor in the Management of Organizations group at the Haas School of Business. She researches how people navigate their social worlds: first, how people form inferences about others' mental capacities and, second, how these inferences influence their interactions. In particular, she studies how language affects the expression of one’s own—and the evaluation of others’—mental capacities.

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February 25, 2022
Headphones have a much greater impact on listeners than external speakers because they put voices "inside your head," a new study explains. The findings could have significant implications for training programs, remote work and advertising, according to the researchers. The findings – scheduled to be published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes – could make a mark in a number of areas, including remote work and workplace training, the researchers suggested. "Organizations may consider this research when designing their trainings or webinars," said study author Juliana Schroeder, associate professor of management, at the University of California, Berkeley. "For example, managers might encourage employees to listen to safety trainings or webinars using headphones, which may more effectively change their attitudes and behaviors, compared to listening via speakers."
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