Jack Glaser

Research Expertise and Interest

policing, criminal justice, research methods, public policy, experimental social psychology, hate crime, political psychology, stereotyping, racial profiling, prejudice & discrimination, nonconscious social cognition

Research Description

Jack Glaser is a social psychologist whose primary research interest is in stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. He studies these intergroup biases at multiple levels of analysis, from reaction time measures of implicit bias to extreme manifestations like hate crime. He is particularly interested in understanding the causes of racial disparities in police stops, searches, and use of force.  Glaser is working with the Center for Policing Equity to build a National Justice Database of police stops and use of force incidents, and has advised the California Department of Justice in their analysis and interpretation of statewide policing data required of law enforcement agencies under the Racial and Identity Profiling Act.

In the News

How reforms could target police racism and brutality — and build trust

In the turbulent days since the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, Jack Glaser has been following the storm of protests, including dozens of incidents in which police appeared to escalate conflicts, use excessive force and target journalists. Like millions of others in the United States and worldwide, he is alarmed by what he’s seen.
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