Dawn Song standing, framed by windows with large buildings in the background.

Research Expertise and Interest

privacy, computer security, artificial intelligence

Research Description

Deep learning, security, and blockchain. Deep learning and program synthesis and analysis. Secure deep learning and artificial intelligence. Blockchain and decentralized systems. Computer security, privacy, and applied cryptography, including security and privacy issues in systems, software, networking, and databases. Using program analysis, algorithms design, and machine learning for security and privacy. 

In the News

Berkeley Web3 and Crypto Summit Tackles Financial Inclusion, Climate Issue

How do we incentivize the use of climate-friendly blockchains? Should lawmakers play a key role in creating opportunities for underserved communities via crypto assets and Web3? And what can the crypto asset industry do to ensure wealth-building opportunities are accessible to historically excluded communities?

Two young faculty members named MacArthur 'genius' fellows

Two UC Berkeley faculty members, economist Emmanuel Saez and computer scientist Dawn Song, have been named MacArthur "genius" Fellows. They are among 23 recipients to receive the prestigious award – $500,000 in unrestricted funds over the next five years – announced Sept. 28 by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Five professors win Guggenheims

Five Berkeley professors have been named 2010 Guggenheim fellows, an award conferred for "achievement and exceptional promise."

Featured in the Media

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October 16, 2019
Electrical engineering and computer sciences professor Dawn Song and information and electrical engineering and computer sciences professor Hany Farid are honored in this WIRED list of 25 people who are working to solve some of humanity's most challenging problems. Professor Song is exploring ways to help people protect their privacy and control and profit from their data. "I think most people don't even know that their data can be valuable,' she says. Professor Farid's profile indicates that he's "one of the leading authorities on detecting fake photos." He says: "This used to be a boutique little field, but now we're defending democracy. ... What happens when more than half the content you see and hear online is fake?"
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