Research Expertise and Interest

sociology, trust, social media, social psychology, misinformation, disinformation, social networks, collective action, social exchange, information exchange, social incentives, reputation, internet research, online research, online behavior, human-computer interaction, data science, biosensors, virtual reality

Research Description

Coye Cheshire's work focuses on trust and social interaction in technology-mediated exchanges. Since technology-mediated environments (e.g, social media) often change our ability to use the social cues that we rely on in face-to-face social interaction, they provide exciting opportunities for studying social phenomena. His current research topics include: (1) the role of trust and cooperation in interpersonal online interactions, (2) collective behavior and online collaboration, and (3) social harms and misinformation with information technologies.

In the News

In online dating, blacks more open to romancing whites than vice versa

Has Valentine’s Day become post-racial? Not yet, it seems. New research from UC Berkeley suggests that when it comes to dating, cyberspace is as segregated as the real world. Data gathered from more than 1 million profiles of singles looking for love online show that whites overwhelmingly prefer to date members of their own race, while blacks, especially men, are far more likely to cross the race barrier in hopes of being struck by Cupid’s arrow.

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