Clayton Critcher

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moral psychology, consumer behavior and decision making, self and social judgment

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Clayton Critcher is the Joe Shoong Chair of Business and a Professor of Marketing, Cognitive Science, and Psychology.   He is interested in how people come to understand themselves, form impressions of others, and operate as political, economic, and moral beings in a challenging and complicated world. As a judgment and decision making (JDM) and social cognition researcher, he examines the sophisticated and clever ways that people go about achieving these many goals, as well as the inevitable shortcomings that arise in such a complex pursuit. As reflected in his diverse research programs, he believes that the level of analysis afforded by social psychological and related methods allows for meaningful examination of a wide range of human experience.

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September 8, 2020
Bryan Robinson
Clayton Critcher and David Dunning at the University of California, Berkeley conducted a series of studies showing that positive affirmations function as "cognitive expanders," bringing a wider perspective to diffuse the brain's tunnel vision of self-threats. Their findings show that affirmations help us transcend the zoom-lens mode by engaging the wide-angle lens of the mind. Self-affirmations helped research participants cultivate a long-distance relationship with their judgment voice and see themselves more fully in a broader self-view, bolstering their self-worth.
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