Baoxia Mi in CEE Davis Hall

Research Expertise and Interest

membrane separation, desalination, water purification, wastewater reuse, environmental applications of nanomaterials

Research Description

Mi's research lab focuses on physicochemical processes with emphases on advanced membrane processes and nanotechnology to address some of the most challenging issues in sustainable water supply (desalination, drinking water purification, wastewater reuse, brine management), renewable energy production, and public health protection.

In the News

Getting the Lead Out of Drinking Water

The United States is facing a serious public health problem from lead contamination of drinking water, especially in rural areas and large cities where efforts to replace aging water service lines has lagged. Bakar Fellow Baoxia Mi believes she and her research group have found a solution. An expert on advanced membrane processes and nanotechnology, Mi has focused her research on addressing the challenges to maintaining a healthy and sustainable water supply, including in addition to drinking water quality, desalination, wastewater reuse, renewable energy production, and public health protection.
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