Andrew Garrett

Professor of Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
(510) 664-4087
(510) 643-5688
Research Expertise and Interest
linguistics, English, California, language change, Indo-European languages, historical linguistics, northern California Indian languages, linguistic structure, typology, ancient Greek, Latin, Irish, Oceanic languages

He has also taught at the University of Texas at Austin, Stanford University, and the 1997 LSA Linguistic Institute. Garrett’s main research area is historical linguistics, where much of his work is devoted to the interrelationships between language change and linguistic structure and typology. The ancient Indo-European languages and their prehistory have been his primary empirical focus. In this area, in addition to reviews and more general articles, he has written a series of articles on the syntax of the Anatolian branch of Indo-European; these have appeared in several general and specialized linguistics journals. He has also done work on English, Ancient Greek, Latin, Irish, and Oceanic languages, and he is currently working on the Yurok language of northwestern California.

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