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June 3, 2020

Mining with Microbe “Animal Magnetism”

They’re microscopic miners. Some species of aquatic bacteria draw in dissolved iron from their watery environment and store it in specialized compartments called magnetosomes. They use its magnetic properties to navigate, sort of like ancient mariners using a lodestone to keep their bearings. Arash Komeili, Professor of Plant and Microbial Biology and one of this year’s Bakar Fellows, aims to understand what controls and maintains the microbes’ novel traits.

In the Media

May 27, 2020
COVID-19 patients treated at Kaiser facilities in California and Washington have been requiring longer hospital stays and are more likely to need intensive care than patients in China, according to a new analysis conducted by Berkeley researchers…
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May 26, 2020
Because tropical forests absorb so much carbon dioxide, they're one of the best antidotes to climate change, but there's a catch. Heat stress and drought kill trees, releasing their stored carbon back into the atmosphere. A new study suggests that…
May 22, 2020
Recommending further federal action to bolster the economy, economics professor Maurice Obstfeld and business professor Laura Tyson, both members of the Governor's Council of Economic Advisers, write: "Under current conditions, the…