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A front-facing view of the U.S. Supreme Court
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Supreme Court Has ‘Greenlighted the Criminalization of Homelessness' Read full article

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Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter speaking in front of full auditorium.
Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter lectures on the expanding universe

Excellence in Research

World-class faculty and researchers are changing the way we understand and interact with the world.
Matt Beardsley Innovation photo used for Innovation / Entrepreneurship main image.
UC Berkeley students showcase their capstone projects

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A long legacy of innovations and leaders that have created groundbreaking products, revolutionary companies, and entirely new industries.
Data science students outside Bakar BioEnginuity Hub
Berkeley researchers lead the way in using AI and data science to accelerate discovery

Data Science, AI & Robotics

UC Berkeley has a rich ecosystem in AI and data science that brings together strong teams of faculty, researchers, students, and alumni.
2 people collecting samples at a shoreline
Geobiologist Jillian Banfield investigates how microbial communities respond to a changing climate

Energy, Climate & Environment

UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab are pooling their vast expertise to help achieve an affordable, sustainable, and clean supply of global energy.
Two people in a lab looking at liquids in tubes
Laboratory breakthroughs contribute to the excellence of health research at Berkeley


Berkeley is a leader in health research leveraging a multidisciplinary approach rooted in strong collaborations across the campus and beyond.

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