IGI Next Generation Sequencing Core

The IGI Next Generation Sequencing Core (NGS Core) offers a growing range of services, from library construction to sequencing to complete experimental design and support. The sequencers that comprise the foundation of the NGS Core include two Illumina MiSeqs, an Illumina iSeq, and an Illumina NextSeq2000. Together, these instruments provide IGI members with a flexible array of options and enable the NGS Core to support a broad range of applications and projects simultaneously.

Space Sciences Laboratory

The Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) is the UC system’s premier space sciences research facility and one of the preeminent university laboratories in the country for space research. SSL is an Organized Research Unit (ORU) of the Berkeley campus, with the primary goals of fostering outstanding research in space-related sciences and providing education for the next generation of space scientists.

School of Public Health Biorepository

Established in 2003, the School of Public Health Biorepository collects, stores, and tracks high quality biospecimens collected for long term studies of human health and disease in children and adults. Sample handling includes processing, aliquotting, and shipping human biospecimens. We house over 500,000 biological and environmental samples from over 40 ongoing and completed research projects in our -80⁰C deep freezers and nitrogen tanks including blood, urine, hair, teeth, dust, DNA, RNA, and buccal cells.