Microanalytical Facility

Microanalytical Facility provides Elemental Analysis. Elemental analysis is a process where a sample of the some material( soil, water ,polymers,minerals, chemical compounds ) is analyze for their chemical composition.There are a several analytical instruments in the facility:
1. Perkin Elmer CHNS 2400 series II analyzer . The detection limit for C,H,N and S is 0.2%.
2.Thermo Fisher Flash Smart Elemental analyzer( C,H,N,S analysis) The detection limit 0.01%.

UC Berkeley Small Molecule Drug Discovery Center (UCBDDC)

The UC Berkeley Small Molecule Drug Discovery Center’s main goal is to support translational research by providing access to a library of over 100,000 small molecule and natural product compounds and expertise in assay development. It supports compound storage, dispensing, sample management and execution of screens using a variety of readouts (absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, imaging-based) for biochemical and cell-based assays as well as automation for following up on interesting hits in dose response to find useful compounds for discovery and human trials.