Director, Central Sierra Field Research Stations

Call for Nominations for the Next Central Sierra Field Research Stations Director
The Vice Chancellor for Research invites nominations (including self-nominations) for the position of Faculty Director of the Central Sierra Field Research Stations which are comprised of Sagehen Creek Field Station, Central Sierra Snow Lab, Onion Creek Experimental Watershed, Chickering American River Reserve, and North Fork Association Lands.

We invite nominations of tenured Berkeley faculty who are highly qualified and motivated to assume this position. The candidate should have a well-established research and professional reputation, leadership and administrative abilities, and the capacity and willingness to raise funds from competitive grant programs and philanthropic sources. This appointment is for an initial five-year term and provides limited compensation. To coincide with our academic calendar, the anticipated start date is either January 1, 2018 or July 1, 2018.

Berkeley’s Natural History Field Stations are “living laboratories” where students and researchers can investigate the natural processes that underlie landscape dynamics, biological evolution, and ecosystem interactions. They provide large natural areas for teaching, research and public outreach. Six of Berkeley’s nine natural history field stations are part of the University of California Natural Reserve System.

The member of the faculty selected to serve as Director should have the leadership qualities to foster innovative research among faculty and students, promote outreach, and sustain and expand financial resources to support existing and new infrastructure, research programs, and activities. They should maintain an active research program at one of the Central Sierra Field Stations. Research interests may be single or multi-disciplinary in nature and may span the Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, and/or Humanities.

Please submit nominations by completing this online nomination form as soon as possible and no later than October 8, 2017. Self-nominations are welcome. Upon receipt of nominations, the appointed search advisory committee will select the top 3-5 nominees to solicit interest in becoming a formal candidate. After conducting candidate interviews and reviewing nomination and other supporting materials, the search advisory committee will forward the top 2-3 candidates to the Interim Vice Chancellor for Research for final selection. 

Your assistance in sharing this communication with your colleagues is greatly appreciated.

Search Advisory Committee
David Ackerly (Chair), Professor, Integrative Biology
Laurel Larsen, Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Faculty Advisor for Physical Geography
Scott Stephens, Professor, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management