Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Call for Nominations - Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Randy Howard Katz, Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR), is pleased to invite nominations, including self-nominations, for the position of Associate Vice Chancellor for Research (AVCR). The incumbent will work closely with the VCR as an advocate for research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

The VCR is committed to Berkeley’s excellence in all its domains of research, scholarship, and creative accomplishment, and to the value of integrating research across domains. The AVCR will work with the VCR to sustain and build multidisciplinary collaborations that include contributions from the arts, humanities, and social sciences, and to increase philanthropic support for them. In these ways, the AVCR will contribute to Berkeley’s common good.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (VCRO) has overall responsibility for supporting Berkeley’s research enterprise, and it exercises primary leadership in research policy, planning, and administration. It aims to ensure Berkeley's position among leading universities by sustaining a research environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and community. To accomplish this, the VCRO fosters multidisciplinary programs, support services, and infrastructure.

Reporting directly to the VCR, the AVCR will serve as the VCR’s deputy and will provide the VCR with strategic counsel. The AVCR will:

  • share with the VCR in the oversight of the campus’s Organized Research Units, Institutes, Centers, Museums, and Field Stations,

  • support and develop multidisciplinary programs that include contributions from disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences,

  • work with the VCR to engage philanthropic individuals and organizations in order to secure major funding for such programs,

  • collaborate in these efforts with Berkeley faculty and academic leaders, and

  • communicate with other campus leaders on issues of importance to the campus’s research mission and the common good that it represents.

The VCR has redesigned this position so that the AVCR will have limited responsibility for research and compliance services, working in this area only when a faculty perspective is necessary. The incumbent’s primary responsibilities will be in academic advocacy, development, and planning, with an emphasis on the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

In order to qualify for consideration, candidates must:

  • be a Berkeley faculty member holding the rank of Professor,

  • have a record of excellence in research, scholarship, or creative accomplishment,

  • have a record of success in a leadership role (e.g., as department chair, associate dean, Senate committee, or center director), and

  • have expertise within the arts, humanities, or social sciences, whether through a department or a professional school.

Ideal candidates will also:

  • be experienced in building, enhancing, or sustaining multidisciplinary research programs,

  • have a record of demonstrated commitment to the University’s goals concerning diversity, access, equity, and inclusion,

  • show aptitude for solving problems that require political acumen in complex academic settings,

  • work in a highly collaborative style,

  • have some understanding of the legislative, regulatory, and public-policy environment affecting research across today’s research community, along with a readiness to learn more, and

  • plan to remain active in their research, scholarship, or creative activity during the term of their appointment as AVCR.

This is a full-time position, with an anticipated term of three to five years. However, the VCR will be highly flexible in accommodating candidates who plan to continue to be active in their own research. Given the timing of the search, the VCR can also be flexible with accommodating planned teaching loads for the fall 2018 semester.

For full consideration, nominations, including self-nominations, should be received by Monday, April 2, 2018. Please submit nominations electronically to with "AVCR Nomination" in the subject line. Please provide at minimum the names of potential candidates, along with their email addresses and department or school affiliations; additional information would be most welcome.


Search Advisory Committee
Janet Broughton, Committee Chair (Philosophy)
Cathryn Carson (History)
Tim Hampton (Comparative Literature and French)
Michelle McClellan (University Development and Alumni Relations)
Edward Miguel (Economics)
Leti Volpp (Law)
David Zilberman (Agricultural and Resource Economics)