Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fund for Convergence Research at Tel Aviv University and UC Berkeley

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fund for Convergence Research in Biomedical, Physical and Engineering Sciences was established to promote research collaboration between researchers at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) and Tel Aviv University (TAU).

This program provided support for at least four promising research projects each year, each for a period of one year. These were joint projects between researchers at UCB (or the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and at TAU.

The fund aimed to facilitate a prestigious seed fund program for researchers who identified complementary research strengths and facilitated the use of synergies in both institutions. The call was limited to specific academic fields: biomedical (life/medicine), physical and engineering sciences. Proposals were focused either on one discipline within those fields or were of an interdisciplinary character; preference was given to interdisciplinary projects. 

For further information please contact:

At UC Berkeley:
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
Email: research@berkeley.edu

Sharon Paz
Vice President's Office for Research and Development
Tel: 972-3 6408475
Email: sharonp4@post.tau.ac.il