Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics

The mission of the Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics (FCREUE) is to educate students and real estate professionals, and to support and conduct research on real estate, urban economics, and the California State economy. FCREUE strives to be the leading center for research on the California economy and excels nationally as a center for urban economic and public policy research. It also regularly provides a practical forum for academics, government officials, and business leaders.

FCREUE is many things to different people. For students and alumni it serves as a liaison to industry leaders and professionals, a career resource, and a provider of research resources. For academics, it provides financial support for academic research. For its Policy Advisory Board, who are leaders in the real estate and finance industry, FCREUE provides timely and informative board meetings and industry-relevant research. Lastly, for real estate practitioners it is the host of informative and useful executive education conferences. FCREUE recognizes each relationship is critically important to the value added to the others.

Kenneth T. Rosen
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Linda Algazzali
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F602 Haas, Berkeley, CA 94720 - 6105