Center for Latin American Studies

Founded in 1956, the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) works to foster and support new ideas and research by bringing together academics, artists and community members from Latin America and the Caribbean, the United States, and the world to engage with the Berkeley campus and larger Bay Area community.

UC Berkeley has one of the nation's largest communities of Latin Americanists. More than 100 faculty members teach about 300 courses in the languages, history, politics, and culture of Latin America. Each year, more than 400 Berkeley students receive degrees involving the study of Latin America. 


The Center for Latin American Studies brings together leaders, thinkers, and scholars of Latin America and the Caribbean. Each semester CLAS organizes an exciting public program of events and conferences for the Berkeley community and broader public, including lectures, seminars, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, and more.


CLAS supports teaching about Latin America and the Caribbean through academic courses, library resources, and visiting scholars. It facilitates the study of Indigenous Latin American languages on campus. 

Research Support

CLAS offers a number of grants for UC Berkeley faculty, lecturers, and students in pursuit of study and research in and about Latin America and the Caribbean. Most grants are open to all disciplines. Students may receive travel grants for pre-dissertation research in Latin America as well as for academic conferences, while faculty grants are awarded on a case-by-case basis. Working groups, made up of students and faculty engaged in research and dialogue about topics related to Latin America are also sponsored by CLAS.

Visiting Scholars

In its role as a liaison between the UC Berkeley campus and the local, national and international Latin Americanist community, the Center builds networks and facilitates academic exchanges. Each year CLAS sponsors visiting scholars whose members range from area specialists to practitioners. Visiting scholars pursue research, give public talks, advise students, teach courses, and participate fully in the intellectual life at CLAS. 

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