Center for African Studies

Center for African Studies LogoEstablished in 1979, the Center for African Studies (CAS) is the principal unit for research and scholarship engaged with Africa and Africa-related activities at the University of California, Berkeley. CAS facilitates interdisciplinary research, teaching, learning and exchange with the aim to deepen understanding of diverse and dynamic African experiences and their contexts to contribute to a robust and nuanced knowledge of Africa and its global significance. The Center attracts students and scholars from around the world in disciplines ranging from the humanities and social sciences to public health and conservation biology to business and engineering, bridging boundaries and forging new approaches to current scholarship, policy and practice.

CAS draws on the work and expertise of over 80 faculty members and many more students from 30 departments and 7 colleges and professional schools. The Center collaborates on diverse initiatives with other international and area research centers and with other programs and initiatives across the Berkeley campus and beyond. The Center actively:

  • Supports teaching and research activities of faculty and their students;
  • Provides training, mentoring and fellowships for student research;
  • Initiates and administers research projects;
  • Organizes and hosts lectures, colloquia, seminars, and research conferences;
  • Administers the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, which recruits and provides holistic support to UC Berkeley students from African countries;
  • Collaborates with the Global Studies Program on undergraduate and graduate degree programs in African Studies;
  • Collaborates with African American Studies in support of the African Language Program;
  • Awards grants to graduate students for language study and to language instructors for curriculum development and pedagogical training;
  • Collaborates on outreach programs for educators from primary to post-secondary levels to advance instruction on Africa;
  • Hosts visiting scholars and doctoral students;
  • Supports cultural and community activities focused on Africa.
  • Develops financial resources for the enhancement of African Studies;

Encourages, promotes, and advocates for the study of Africa at all levels.

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342 Stephens Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-2314