California Institute for Energy and Environment

California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE) is a dedicated group of experts working to define, plan, and manage public-interest energy research. CIEE puts leading researchers to work on energy challenges, yielding new ideas and technologies to meet California’s pace-setting energy goals.


California has set itself far-reaching, fast-tracked goals for energy efficiency and stemming climate change — goals that can lead the way to new thinking and practices around the globe. But how can California bring together bold ideas, solid research, and ultimate solutions to meet its vision for the future?

CIEE is a linchpin in meeting this challenge. Based in the University of California, we initiate, plan, manage, and administer public-interest energy research. CIEE partners with the California Energy Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, the U.S. Department of Energy, utilities, and other research sponsors to help form the agenda for research in energy science, technology, and policy — identifying the most critical avenues on the complex route to California’s energy goals. CIEE then brings to bear the expertise of world-class researchers, from UC and around the country, to do the innovative work that will pave the way to California’s success.

CIEE’s work is moving California closer to achieving its groundbreaking energy-use and climate-protection goals. The benefits for California will be:

  • Secure and sustainable energy systems
  • Access to reliable, affordable energy for all
  • Heightened productivity and competitiveness for California industries
  • Improved air and water quality, and a healthier environment
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


Energy is a hot topic everywhere, especially among the policy makers and researchers who are rising to the challenge of recasting our energy future. Turning that focus and momentum into solid progress requires expertise and experience in managing complicated, multi-disciplinary research on many fronts. It’s this unique value that CIEE brings to the table.

Our research coordinators are nationally recognized in many fields, and our research administrators have earned a statewide reputation for effectiveness. Thanks to these talented experts, research sponsors look to CIEE as the “go-to” organization for turning ambitious research efforts into concrete results. Our most complex projects have involved multiple funding sources, teams of more than 20 researchers at several institutions, and urgent timelines. CIEE provides skilled management to keep projects on track, on budget, and on schedule — and to ensure that both sponsors and researchers capitalize on opportunities to advance California’s energy agenda.

CIEE has a 25-year track record in managing energy research. The numbers tell the story: to date, CIEE experts have received 400 research awards and managed 900 subawards at more than 160 universities, national labs, and research centers. The total value of these awards exceeds $185 million. Critical value-added by CIEE to California's energy initiatives includes the following:

  • Engaging utility stakeholders with public interest electric transmission research and development
  • Accelerating deployment of end-use efficiency technologies resulting from research funded by the California Energy Commission
  • Advancing the California Public Utility Commission's "Big Bold Energy Efficiency Goals" as a key player in the development of it's Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan chapter on Lighting
  • Accelerating development of enabling technologies for demand-side energy management
  • Identifying and coordinating expert perspectives to guide strategic planning and evaluation for energy efficiency
  • Leading the integration of social-science research into energy-efficiency initiatives.
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