Berkeley Water Center

The Berkeley Water Center seeks to create more resilient, equitable, and sustainable water systems with access to safe water for all. We leverage Berkeley research to accelerate groundbreaking solutions for the world’s water problems.

The Berkeley Water Center is supported by UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering. We take a comprehensive approach to water resources research and management that reflects the conditions of the 21st century: variable and uncertain supply, increasing demand and inadequate structural and institutional infrastructure. We have more than 70 affiliated faculty members who work across the University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and have a broad range of research interests and expertise, spanning engineered infrastructure and technology development; planning, monitoring and understanding of natural and engineered water systems; understanding of social, institutional and political contexts of water systems; equitable access to water; water law and policy; economics of urban and agricultural water systems; and public health. Our interdisciplinary approach makes the Berkeley Water Center the single integrated resource for water-related research on campus. 

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In News

Engineered sand zaps storm water pollutants

UC Berkeley engineers have created a new way to remove contaminants from storm water, potentially addressing the needs of water-stressed communities that are searching for ways to tap the abundant and yet underused source of fresh drinking water.