Berkeley Superfund Research Program

Our program has been continuously funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) SRP since 1987. Through a multidisciplinary approach, we seek to understand the adverse effects of, and remediate, hazardous substances in the environment. The Berkeley SRP consists of 6 projects (4 biological sciences and 4 engineering) and 5 supporting cores (administration, community engagement, research translation, training, and data science and laboratory). It brings together domain experts from across the campus, collaborators from the broader scientific community, and stakeholders from government, industry, and environmental organizations. The current overall theme of the UC Berkeley Superfund Research Program is the ‘Exposome’ and our overall goal is to move forward the field of exposomics to address the issue of cumulative risk and other issues facing the SRP’s main stakeholders. 

Over our 30 plus years of funding, we have had many successes including the development and global deployment of a steam-enhanced extraction technology to extract volatile organic compounds, development of the field of children's environmental health, and sponsorship of the flame retardant dilemma program.

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