Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy

The Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE) is an interdisciplinary research project that focuses on the political economy of international trade, competition and the development and application of advanced technologies. Founded by a group of faculty at the University of California, Berkeley in 1982, BRIE research concentrates on the different ways industrialized economies create competitive advantage and how these differences affect international economic and political relations.

For nearly thirty years, BRIE has worked with academic, policy, and business leaders from around the world to consider the real-world interactions of technology, markets and economies. The framework of BRIE's ties to the academic and scientific community at UC Berkeley, to the business community in San Francisco, to the high-tech community in Silicon Valley, and to European researchers and policy leaders allows BRIE to reach a broad range of academic, public, and industry audiences. Above all, BRIE is a collaborative effort. Ongoing intellectual relationships that cross departmental boundaries anchors BRIE's vision and guarantees that separate research efforts inform and reinforce one another at every stage. This collaborative atmosphere permits the integration of distinct research approaches and diverse research concerns. This combination of knowledge and skills provides an entry point and leverage for an array of unconventional arguments and ideas in the policy debate.

Through articles, editorials, and books--including the landmark Manufacturing Matters, The Highest Stakes, Who's Bashing Whom?, How Revolutionary was the Digital Revolution?, and most recently The End of Influence: When Other Countries Have the Money--BRIE has earned the respect of academic, business, and policymakers. In 1984, BRIE drafted for President Reagan's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness what is now the commonly accepted definition of competitiveness. In 1993, President Clinton appointed one of BRIEĀ¹s directors, Laura D'Andrea Tyson, to chair the PresidentĀ¹s Council of Economic Advisers and later to head the National Economic Council. Bringing together UC faculty, policymakers, business leaders, and scholars from around the world, BRIE maintains conversations on strategies for growth and development with governments and leaders from around the world.

Mailing address

2234 Piedmont Ave, Berkeley, CA 94720-2322