Berkeley Quantum Information and Computation Center

The Berkeley Quantum Information and Computation Center (BQIC) was established in May 2004 under the joint Directorship of K. Birgitta Whaley and Umesh Vazirani. The Center brings together researchers from the colleges of Chemistry, Engineering and Mathematical and Physical Sciences to work on fundamental issues in quantum algorithms, quantum cryptography, quantum information theory, quantum control and the experimental realization of quantum computers and quantum devices.

Quantum information processing employs superposition, entanglement, and probabilistic measurement to encode and manipulate information in very different ways from the classical information processing underlying current electronic technology. This can lead to significant speed-up of quantum computational algorithms compared to their conventional classical counterparts, as well as to new opportunities for quantum simulation and understanding of strongly correlated quantum matter.  Realizing the promise of quantum computation and quantum simulation requires a high degree of quantum control to maintain the coherence essential to quantum mechanical evolution.  Recognizing the interconnectedness theory and experiment here (“information is physical”), BQIC supports efforts in experimental realization of quantum information processing on both gas phase and solid state physical platforms, in addition to a diverse range of theoretical research activities.

Theoretical research activities include both fundamental theoretical research exploring the power of quantum information processing and theoretical research into development of specific physical implementations of quantum computation and quantum simulation devices.  Theoretical analysis of the interplay between coherence and decoherence in the behavior and control of open quantum systems plays a key role in this work.  Center researchers are also exploring new perspectives for analysis of macroscopic quantum systems, correlated quantum materials and biological systems, that have arisen from the rapidly expanding field of quantum information theory.  Experimental studies cover a number of physical platforms, including trapped ions, superconducting quantum circuits and silicon based devices.

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