Research FY21 Spot Awards Program

The Spot Awards program at UC Berkeley allows supervisors, managers, and other campus individuals to recognize special projects and accomplishments of non-represented and CX represented staff employees during the period May 2020 -  April 2021.

Please submit nominations for Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) units only using the online Research Spot Awards nomination form. To prevent delays, ensure that you have communicated with the nominee's supervisor prior to your submission; supervisors will receive an email request to approve the nomination. Please direct any questions to Mel Mejia, via email.

An internal VCRO panel will review and process Spot Award nominations as we receive them.

Nominating Period
March 1 - April 30, 2021

Final Deadline for Submissions
April 30, 2021

You may submit nominations any time between now and April 30. The panel will make final decisions on all nominations within 2-3 weeks after your submission. The VCRO will notify Managers, Supervisors and Nominators of employees who have received an award.  Award packets will be emailed to managers, and checks will be processed for the respective MO pay cycle end dates.

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