Looking forward: How can we safely reopen the economy?

May 1, 2020
By: Public Affairs, UC Berkeley

Live webcast: Friday, May 1 12:30–1:30 p.m. (Pacific)

This event was broadcasted live on this page.

Pressure is mounting to reopen the economy, and some locales are rushing to do so. Deciding how and when it’s safe for people to return to work, school, and public life is a complex topic that involves implementing widespread testing; accurate assessment of exposure risks; ensuring health care system capacity; putting in place procedures and routines to protect workers; setting guidelines for mass behavior changes; and restoring public trust. How can we go about making these decisions and getting plans in place? A panel of experts from the Haas School of Business and the School of Public Health will engage in an interactive discussion on what needs to happen to reopen businesses and get people back to work while protecting public health and preventing a second wave of coronavirus infections.

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