Jay Keasling: Using microbes to create the next generation of fuel

February 5, 2013
Photo: Peg Skorpinski

Jay Keasling, UC Berkeley chemical engineer and leader in the field of synthetic biology, is featured on CNN’s “The Next List” for his work on using microbes to create the next generation of fuel.

Every week CNN’s “The Next List” profiles innovators, visionaries and agents of change. They highlight individuals who “are steadily mapping the course to the future with their new ideas”.

Keasling is being profiled for engineering microbes, such as single cell organisms like yeast and E. coli, to produce biofuels, medicines and cosmetic compounds from simple ingredients like sugar cane and grass.

Read more about the work of Jay Keasling and tune into his profile episode on Sunday, February 10, at 2:30pm ET here.