Building Better Protections for Climate Refugees

July 27, 2023
By: Othering & Belonging Institute


On Thursday, July 27 the Othering & Belonging Institute hosted a panel to mark the release of their research brief, “Climate Refugees: Facts and Findings, and Strategies for 'Loss and Damage.'” This panel discussed ideas to strengthen and bridge movements for climate refugee protections, climate reparations, and just transitions. Speakers included Amali Tower, Refugee & Migration Expert, and Director of Climate Refugees; Hamza Hamouchene, Programme Coordinator for North Africa at the Transnational Institute; Mizan Khan, Deputy Director of the International Center for Climate Change and Development; Ineza Umuhoza Grace, Research Assistant at Politics of Climate Change Loss and Damage; and Hossein Ayazi, Policy Analyst, Global Justice Program at the Othering & Belonging Institute.

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