VCRO Financial Analysts

VCRO Budget Resources / VCRO Financial Analysts
Research Unit Sort descending Processing Unit Financial Analyst Email Campus Telephone
Angelo Coast Reserve OJDRS Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Archaeological Research Facility NSARF Karen Cheong 510-642-3873
Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center EMCAS Fallon Batchelor 510-643-8519
Berkeley Institute for Data Science BDATA Michael Keith 510-664-4844
Berkeley International Office LLSIS Kelly Fuller 510-643-9736
Berkeley Natural History Museums OBNUM John Stenske 510-642-6979
Berkeley Stem Cell Center OYSCC Michael Keith 510-664-4844
Biomolecular Nanotechnology Center IQBBB Christine Owen 510-642-3506
Blue Oak Ranch Reserve OXBOR John Stenske 510-642-6979
Blum Center for Developing Economies OMINT Gladys Khoury 510-664-4880
Brain Imaging Center EUNEU Brenda Naputi 510-643-7859
Cal EPA EZBIE Fallon Batchelor 510-643-8519
California Health Benefits Review BYHBR Zahra Rezapour 510-643-3942
California Institute for Energy & Environment EMECI Fallon Batchelor 510-643-8519
California Public Employee Relations NZIIR Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Center for African Studies LAASC Caressa Mulder 510-643-6323
Center for Computational Biology BMCCB Michael Keith 510-664-4844
Center for Effective Global Action CGEGA Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Center for Emerging & Neglected Diseases CNCND Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology OPSKY Derrick Quach 510-643-3567
Center for Environmental Design Research NHEDR Karen Cheong 510-642-3873
Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society CTRS Karen Stierwalt 510-642-1384
Center for Integrative Planetary Science ANIPS Fallon Batchelor 510-643-8519
Center for Labor Research & Education NZIIR Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Center for Latin American Studies LELAS Caressa Mulder 510-643-6323
Center for Middle Eastern Studies LFMES Caressa Mulder 510-643-6323
Center for New Media BTCNM Michael Keith 510-664-4844
Center for Race and Gender KJCRG Kelly Fuller 510-643-9736
Center for the Study of Child Care Employment NZIIR Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Center for the Study of Sexual Culture ATSSC Kelly Fuller 510-643-9736
Central California 900 MHz NMR Facility IQBBB Karen Cheong 510-642-3873
Central Sierra Snow Lab OJDRS Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Computational Genomics Resource Laboratory IQBBB Monica Sun 510-643-6119
Diving Control ISDCN Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Donner Lab ORDNN Zahra Rezapour 510-643-3942
Energy Biosciences Institute OOEBI Derrick Quach 510-643-3567
Environment, Health & Safety FHEHS Tim O'Connor 510-642-6165
Essig Museum of Entomology OCMEE John Stenske 510-642-6979
Evolutionary Genetics Lab OFMVZ John Stenske 510-642-6979
Field Station Behavioral Research NLBRS Monica Sun 510-643-6119
France Berkeley Fund LUEUR Zahra Rezapour 510-643-3942
Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute EUNEU Brenda Naputi 510-643-7859
High Throughput Screening Center IQBBB Michael Keith 510-664-4844
Human Evolution Research Center ECHES John Stenske 510-642-6979
Independent Research Programs IEIRP Fallon Batchelor 510-643-8519
Institute for Research on Labor & Employment NZIIR Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Institute for South Asian Studies LHSAS Karen Cheong 510-642-3873
Institute for the Study of Societal Issues JAISI Caressa Mulder 510-643-6323
Institute of East Asian Studies LBEAS Karen Cheong 510-642-3873
Institute of European Studies LCIES Kelly Fuller 510-643-9736
Institute of Governmental Studies NUIGS Caressa Mulder 510-643-6323
Institute of Human Development NYIHD Caressa Mulder 510-643-6323
Institute of International Studies LDINT Kelly Fuller 510-643-9736
Institute of Personality & Social Research NVPSR Brenda Naputi 510-643-7859
Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies LGSEE Monica Sun 510-643-6119
Institute of Transportation Studies NGITS Zahra Rezapour 510-643-3942
Institute of Urban & Regional Development JDURD Karen Cheong 510-642-3873
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Program QIIAS Derrick Quach 510-643-3567
Kavli Energy NanoScience Intstitute OVKAV Fallon Batchelor 510-643-8519
Lawrence Hall of Science OKLHS Florencia Ramos 510-642-2376
Miller Instiute for Basic Research in Science JOMIL Kathryn Day 510-642-4088
Museum of Paleontology OEMPA John Stenske 510-642-6979
Nanocience Nonoengineering Institute PCNNI Michael Keith 510-664-4844
Office for History of Science & Technology JYHST Kelly Fuller 510-643-9736
Office of Laboratory Animal Care JROLA Magdalena Mleczko 510-642-4619
Office of Resources for International and Area Studies ORIAS Karen Cheong 510-642-3873
Office of Technology Licensing OTUIL Christine Owen 510-642-3506
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research OAVCR Derrick Quach 510-643-3567
Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology OGHMA Rafael Magdaleno 510-642-3690
QB3 Institute IQBBB Michael Keith 510-664-4844
QB3 Macrolab IQBBB Kelly Fuller 510-643-9736
QB3/Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility IQBBB Derrick Quach 510-643-3567
QB3/CIRM Shared Stem Cell Facility IQBBB Michael Keith 510-664-4844
Radio Astronomy Lab NPRAL Fallon Batchelor 510-643-8519
Research Administration Compliance OSRAC Christine Owen 510-642-3506
Research Enterprises Support Services RRESS Monica Sun 510-643-6119
Richard B. Gump South Pacific Research OZGUM Christine Owen 510-642-3506
Sagehen Creek Field Station OJDRS Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing SMTOC Judy Tam 510-642-9575
Space Sciences Laboratory JBSSL Zahra Rezapour 510-643-3942
Stanley Hall Storeroom RRESS Monica Sun 510-643-6119
The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology OFMVZ John Stenske 510-642-6979
Theoretical Astrophysics Center NRTAC Fallon Batchelor 510-643-8519
Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute STBSI Sarah Lirio 510-643-2834
UC Berkeley Center for Latino Policy JAISI Caressa Mulder 510-643-6323
UC Botanical Garden OIBOT Mark Shaw 510-643-6837
UC Transportation Center JETRA Zahra Rezapour 510-643-3942
University and Jepson Herbaria ODMJH John Stenske 510-642-6979
VC Genomics Sequencing Laboratory IQBBB Fallon Batchelor 510-643-8519
VC Proteomics/Mass Spectrometry Laboratory IQBBB Christine Owen 510-642-3506
Visiting Scholars & Postdoc Affairs Program OAVCR Derrick Quach 510-643-3567