Yue Liu

Assistant Professor of Clinical Optometry
School of Optometry
(510) 642-1457
Research Expertise and Interest
epidemiology, optometry, vision science, myopia, refractive errors, accommodation, eye growth, contact lens, optical myopia control, pharmacological myopia control, aberration, bifocal, emmetropization, multifocal, orthokeratology, pediatric vision exam, RGP, clinical trials
Research Description

The focus of my research is refractive development and myopia. More specifically, I'm interested in understanding a) what aspects of visual experience and associated retinal images underlie myopia; and b) Is it possible to inhibit myopic growth optically and pharmacologically in ways that may be suitable for use in humans? I'm also intensively involved in translational research aiming to answer the questions such as: a) Why does excessive near work cause myopia; b) Why are some individuals more susceptible than others; and c) What is the role of peripheral optical aberrations in myopia development.

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