Yue Maria Liu standing outside with greenery in background.

Research Expertise and Interest

epidemiology, optometry, vision science, myopia, refractive errors, accommodation, eye growth, contact lens, optical myopia control, pharmacological myopia control, aberration, bifocal, emmetropization, multifocal, orthokeratology, pediatric vision exam, RGP, clinical trials

Research Description

Optical Control of Myopia Progression

The emphasis of Yue Liu's research has been on the investigation of optical influences on emmetropization and the development of myopia. Using chicken as a model, she has identified a number of optical designs that significantly inhibit myopia progression, thus have potential translational value in controlling human myopia. Additionally, she has been designing and fitting contact lenses to young guinea pig cornea to evaluate the safety, feasibility and effectiveness of contact lenses as a method of inducing defocus for myopia research in mammalian models.

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