Tarek I. Zohdi

Research Expertise and Interest

advanced manufacturing, 3D printing systems, fire propagation and control, UAVs and swarms, ballistic fabric shielding, food-system modeling, pandemic modeling

Research Description

ZOHDI BIOGRAPHY: Tarek I. Zohdi received his Ph.D. in 1997 in Computational and Applied Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin and his Habilitation in  General Mechanics (Allgemeine Mechanik) from Gottfried Leibniz University of Hannover in Germany. He is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Chair of the Designated Emphasis Program in  Computational and Data Science and Engineering, Associate Dean for Research in the College of Engineering and holder of the W. C. Hall Family Endowed Chair in Engineering at UC Berkeley. He also holds a  Faculty Scientist position at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.  He has published over 200 archival refereed journal papers and eight books.  In 2012, he was elected President of the United States Association for Computational Mechanics (2012-2014). He is an  Editor-in-Chief of  the leading journal in his  field,  Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (CMAME) and serves on 11 editorial boards of international journals. He is  also the co-founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal Computational Particle Mechanics (CPM). Overall, he has given more than 200 plenary, keynote and contributed lectures at conferences, universities and other research institutions. He  is active in five main industrial areas (1) high-strength fabric (2) highly heterogeneous materials (3)  fire-control technologies (4)  food systems and (5)  advanced manufacturing processes. In 2000, he received the Zienkiewicz Prize and Medal by The Royal Institution of Civil Engineers in London. In 2003, he received the Junior Achievement Award of the American Academy of Mechanics.  In 2008, he was elected Fellow of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) and in 2009 he was elected Fellow of the United Stated Association for Computational Mechanics (USACM). In 2017, he received the UC Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award; the highest award for teaching at UC Berkeley. In 2019 he was elected  as Fellow of the American Academy of Mechanics (AAM)-only one new Fellow is inducted in the nation and the Americas each year: https://medium.com/the-coleman-fung-institute/tarek-zohdi-named-2019-aam-fellow-d4df374246e1. In 2020, he  received the prestigious Humboldt-Forschungspreis (Humboldt Research Prize). For more information see  http://www.me.berkeley.edu/people/faculty/tarek-i-zohdi.



In the News

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